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Why settle for just another dress that you have seen so many other brides are wearing when you can get your very own custom-made wedding/prom dress? We are here to fulfil your dream to get the perfect dress for you! 

Although Custom Bridal Wedding/Prom Dress cannot be returned, if you are unsatisfied for any reason, you can send it back to be altered for free within 10 days. 

Custom Prom Dresses start at $1000

Custom Bridal Gowns start at $1,500

Custom Party Dresses start at $250

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Customized African Dress

Custom Bridal Testimonials


Customized Bridal Dress from KLD

"I have seen Carry in event gowns and dresses, but never so beautiful as the wedding dress she had on. It was simple and elegant and looked beyond great. Thank you, Karlene for your excellent skill and work in making an unforgettable wedding dress." 
Marc-Meriden, CT

"I wanted to take some time out to thank Karlene for custom making my beautiful dress. I showed her a picture, she asked a few questions, took my measurements and made this amazing dress. I felt beautiful in it and my husband said he believes he's never seen me so gorgeous before. I took his breath away which was the goal. Thank you so much, Karlene." Carry-, Meriden, CT


Custom Bridal Dress

"Thank you so much for my beautiful dress. Thanks for taking the time out to go fabric shopping with me for me to choose my own fabric, It came out perfect. I LOVE IT." - Corrie


Custom Bridal Dress

" Thank you for your time, thank you for being a part of our special day. You simply made us so happy! You did a tremendous job, leaving us with memories that we will always treasure. Many thanks,
May God's blessings abide with you & your household.
Once again, thank you
Remain blessed
F.Iwu" - Joy