Wedding Dresses Selections for Each Season

Wedding Dresses Selections for Each Season

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You have chosen which season your wedding will take place, but there is one thing you need to consider.  What is the right dress for your selected season?  If you are not quite sure thankfully I am here to help.  Allow me to break down which type of gowns will work best for each season. Let’s get started.


Detachable Sweetheart Wedding Dress


Lightweight, Lace and V-neck gowns are great choices for weddings this time of the year.  This gown from Karlene Lindsay Designs (above) is a great example.



Sweetheart Lace Mini/Short Wedding Dress


Like Spring, you want to look for lightweight and shorter gowns (above) especially for outdoors ceremonies (i.e. beach, outdoor venues and etc.)


Ivory Lace Mermaid Dress


        During this time of the year, the temperatures are starting to cool down. Brides can look towards ball gowns, mermaid cut, and longer gowns.  The Ivory Lace Mermaid Dress (seen above) is a great choice.



Vintage Lace Wedding Dress


Winter Brides can choose gowns made with longer sleeves, fuller skirts, and warmer fabrics. The Vintage Lace Wedding Dress is just the right gown for brides who are looking for a gown with long sleeves.

Brides-to-be, be sure to check out Karlene Lindsay Designs for all your custom wedding gowns needs.

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