Wedding Day Survival Kit Essentials

Wedding Day Survival Kit Essentials


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      It has all lead up to this: Your Wedding Day.  Congratulations, you have made it.   You have carefully looked over your to-do list.  However, there is one last thing to consider and that’s a Wedding Day Survival Kit.  You never can never too be prepared for any possible mishaps on your big day.  Keep reading to find some items that should be included in your kit.

Sewing Kit

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A sewing kit will come in hand in case something happens before the wedding begins (i.e. loose button or seam coming undone).

 Granola Bar or Portable Snack

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There is a wait before the reception so grab a quick granola bar or another portable snack.  The last thing you want is to become ill before the ceremony begins.

Nail Polish

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Have a run in your stocking or manicure need a last-minute touchup?  Including nail polish (clear and shade of your choice) in your kit is just the solution.

First Aid Kit

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Have a bandage or medicine near in case of emergencies. You never know who might need it.


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It’s an emotional day and having a small a pack of Kleenex near is convenient. 

Stain Remover Pen

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Weddings present the possibility of stains. Tackle a stain before it sets in with your favorite stain remover pen.


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Have a quick breath refresher walking down the aisle.

Complete your kit and feel free to share with your bridal party.

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