The Right Fit- Popular Engagement Ring Styles

The Right Fit- Popular Engagement Ring Styles

Several couples out there are either newly or soon-to-be engaged. If you fall into the latter group, then you will be facing the task of choosing the right ring. It can be overwhelming with different styles and personal taste is involved.  There is a simple solution to your problem.  Here are some of the most popular engagement rings styles to help guide you in the right directions.

Vintage-Inspired Rings

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This is perfect for the woman who likes a classic design especially when it comes to overall style.   Guys, a family heirloom ring will also fall into this category as well and it is a sentimental choice.

Rose Gold

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It is not just a popular color for smartphones etc. It is a softer shade of gold for ladies who might not be fans of regular gold.

Colorful Diamonds

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Colorful diamond rings always make an appearance for numerous engagement and wedding seasons.  It just adds something extra to an already gorgeous ring.

Delicate Settings

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Some ladies are more drawn to the more understated style. If this is the case for your soon to be fiancée, then look towards a ring with a delicate setting.

Square Bands

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Square bands are not only a truly unique style of engagement ring but provide a more comfortable fit than round bands.

Elaborate Side Views

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If you are looking for intricate designs all around your ring then this is the right choice for you.  It is definitely a conversation starter.

Guys, pick out the ring that will best reflect her personal taste. This is a special moment for both of you. Happy Ring Shopping!

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