Popular Weddings in Pop Culture

Popular Weddings in Pop Culture

Weddings as a whole are memorable and popular events, especially in pop culture.  Most of us could easily name a wedding that is still engrossed in our memories even now.  Here are a few of the most popular weddings in the world of pop culture.  Keep reading to find out which one topped the list.



Dwayne Wayne and Whitley Gilbert’s “Wedding” (A Different World)

Image Credit: Getty Images

Even today if you were asked about this impromptu television wedding you will probably remember it.  Of course, who could forget Dwayne’s iconic line “Please Baby Please”.

Serena Williams and Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian

Image Credit: Photo by Mel Barlow & Co. / Allan Zepeda

This wedding was straight out of a fairytale and we wouldn’t expect anything less for the tennis star. 

Musician Justin Timberlake & Actress Jessica Biel

Image Credit: Pinterest

Whether you were a fan of *NSYNC or not the couple’s 2012 wedding was buzzworthy especially the bride’s choice of pink wedding gown.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Image Credit: Getty Images

The list wouldn’t be complete without the most recent Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  The televised wedding was broadcast over several channels and a leading trending topic on social media. 

This list just goes to show that weddings grab our attention especially in the world of pop culture.

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