Popular Wedding Themes

Popular Wedding Themes


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Before you even choose your dream gown you need to establish your wedding theme.  For the newly engaged ladies, you have plenty ideas to choose. If you are still at the deciding stage here are few ideas of popular wedding themes for inspiration. 

  1. Classic Romantic

This theme is perfect for the true romantic at heart.  You can’t go wrong with elegant elements such as beautiful floral arrangements, table settings, etc.

 2.  Seaside or Beach

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Looking for a more laid back ceremony in a gorgeous outdoor location?  This theme is the right one for you.   Treat your guests to a picturesque view while attending your ceremony.

High Neckline A-Line Wedding Dress

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 3 . Vintage Glamour

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Are you a fan of Old Hollywood Glamour?  Why not choose a Vintage Glamour theme?  For the budget, conscious brides, you can venture to the nearest antique shop.

Vintage Lace Wedding Dress



                           4. Rustic

If your style is more understated and down-to-earth then Rustic is the way to go.  Your crafting side will shine with the DIY project possibilities.

                                             Corset Mini/Short Wedding Dress


5. Princess


                                              Image Credit: The Event Factory 

Your wedding day is the one day where you should feel like a princess.   If you need some assistance you can always gather inspiration from your favorite princess (real or fictional).

Ball gown Wedding Dress

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