Karlene Lindsay Designs Mission

Karlene Lindsay Designs Mission

Karlene Lindsay Designs mission came from my childhood and how I grew up in Jamaica. To find out more about our mission and why I started my business keep reading.

My mom had five kids, three girls two boys. Both boys died at a young age, back in Jamaica. My parents didn't have much money, but we were fed.  They couldn't afford to buy a lot of clothes for us, but we had one beautiful dress we called our Sunday best. I loved dressing up, so i started to cut up my mom's sheets and curtains to make clothes for myself by hand using needle and thread(No sewing machine). Watch the video below to learn more. 



 To learn more about how I got started and what I have been doing since read more in our About page.

Please feel free to comment below with any questions you have. Have a great day!

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