Here Comes the Bride- Getting to Know Charlene Telford

Here Comes the Bride- Getting to Know Charlene Telford

Brides-to-be, are you still curious about what you will receive when purchasing your gown from Karlene Lindsay Designs? This week’s post is especially for you.
To give you all a better idea. I spoke with a recent bride and Karlene Lindsay Designs customer Charlene Telford.  Keep reading to find out about her shopping experience.

Charlene Telford in Karlene Lindsay Designs

  1. What drew you to Karlene Lindsay Designs to design for your wedding party?
I was drawn to Karlene by Victoria (owner of Chocolate Angel Boutique) and my daughter. I saw some of Karlene’s designs that my daughter models.
  1. For other brides out there what would you tell them about your own experience with Karlene?
I would tell other brides that my experience with Karlene was awesome, because she is very professional, and caring, Karlene is very compassionate at what she does.

                     3.   Did Karlene Lindsay Designs exceed your design expectations? 

 I explained to Karlene what I wanted my dream wedding dress to be like, and Karlene designed a wedding dress that was out of this world, it was an amazing dress that made me feel so beautiful and was proud to wear on my special day.                                                                   

                                                                                                         Bridesmaids Dresses
4. What was the overall theme of your wedding?
My theme for my wedding was Goddess.
5. Lastly, what is your advice to the brides out there?
My advice to other brides would be always put God first, relax, try not to stress, choose good responsible people to be a part of your wedding party. If a bride is looking for a designer to design her dress, I would strongly recommend Karlene.


             Special thanks to Charlene and congratulations on your recent nuptials.

For the brides- to- be Karlene Lindsay Designs offers payment plans and layaway options available.

As always you can find Karlene Lindsay Designs at their website, Facebook, and Instagram. Customers in the New Haven area can purchase Karlene Lindsay Designs in store at Angel Boutique.

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