Fun Bridal Shower Ideas

Fun Bridal Shower Ideas

Fun Bridal shower ideas

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It’s the beginning of another year and that means ladies will be getting married. Of course, the wedding itself requires a lot of work, but what about your bridal shower?  If you are looking for some fun bridal shower ideas outside of the usual games look no further.  Here are a few ideas that will be a hit with your whole bridal party.

 Pick a Fun Venue

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Gather up your best girls and head out to your favorite restaurant.  Most restaurants have private rooms available so you can enjoy all your festivities without interruptions.  If you want to make more of a Girls’ Night Out, why not rent a Party Bus?  Be sure to look out for deals and discounts.

Set Up a Favor Station

Set up a favor station where guests can personalize mementos from the event. There are so many possible ideas for you to choose from.  Whether it’s candles or even beauty items (i.e. nail polishes), pick out your favorite.

Plan a Themed Brunch or Tea

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Planning a themed brunch or tea is another great idea.  Have decorations, food and etc. all based around the bride’s favorite theme.

With these fun bridal shower ideas, it will be an event to remember. Brides-to-be, be sure to check out Karlene Lindsay Designs for all your custom wedding gowns needs.

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