Bridal Checklist

Check it Off- Bridal Checklist

Bridal Checklist

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Your wedding day is an important and hectic day.  There are a million things going through your mind to make sure it is a perfect day. Ladies, to help relieve some of your possible stress I have a quick bridal checklist for your big day. Keep reading below to find out more.

Conduct A Final Gown Inspection

Before your big day give a final inspection to your gown.  Check it out for any possible stains, last minute alterations etc.  Things can happen unexpectedly especially if your gown was delivered.  

Remember Your Good Luck Items

For the more traditional and superstitious brides, don’t forget your good luck items (i.e. something old, new, blue and etc.).   Have your special items in mind in order to bring some good luck to your wedding.

Have Gifts for Bridal Party

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Don’t forget to give a gift to each your bridal party members.  Gift options can range from personalized makeup bags to jewelry.

Relax & Enjoy Your Day

Remember to relax and enjoy your day.  It is a special moment in your life so take the time to enjoy it.

Hopefully, this bridal checklist will help ensure your big day is as stress-free as possible.

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