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Activities to Do Before the End of Summer

by Tamarah Brown July 28, 2016

Activities to Do Before the End of Summer

We have officially entered the Dog Days of Summer. For some of us, that means heading back to school. Well before the school comes calling I have a few activity selections to end the summer on a high note. Let’s get the list rolling.
Go to the Movies
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Is there a blockbuster you have been wanting to see? Why not check it out now? For those with kids pick out a film that the whole family can enjoy. If going to the theaters isn’t your thing, why not buy or stream a movie at home.  Give the movie theater experience by including everyone’s favorite movie snack.
Keep it Local
Make it a day by taking the family to visit a local attraction or museum.  It really gets them involved and the family can learn something about local history.
Host A Summer Party
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Get together a few of your friends and host a summer party.  You can catch up and just kick back.  For a kid-friendly party set up an area just for them to enjoy (coloring books, bubbles, and etc.)  That way they have something to keep them occupied while you visit with your guests.
Take A Class
Now I know that last thing wants you to hear is the word class, but hear me out.  Take a class you have been wanting to sign up for, but never seemed to have the time to take. Depending on the area where you live there are several affordable options.
Try out your favorite ideas from the lists this Summer. 
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Tamarah Brown
Tamarah Brown

Hi ! My name is Tamarah Brown. I am the fashion blogger for Karlene Lindsay Designs. When I am I am not writing for KLD. You can find me on my blog My Own Sense of Fashion.

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