2016 Fall Fashion Trends

2016 Fall Fashion Trends


Photo: Cliparts.co & Clipartkid

           Soon we will be trading our summer attire for our favorite fall selections.  There were so many trends that graced the runway for the upcoming fall season. However, I want to concentrate on some the hottest ones that I am sure you will be trying as soon as the fall is officially ushered in.   Check out which trends made my list.



 Image Credit: Polyvore

Plaid is a trend that returns each season and is interrupted in different ways.  Each of the fashion capitals (New York, London, Milan, and Paris) put their unique stamp on their fall collections. Wear this trend as a shirt, skirt and etc. this season.

2. Bold Prints

Make a daring fashion statement by rocking a bold print of your choice. There are so many different variations to choose from.  It all depends on what degree you want to go with the boldness.

3. Oversized Clothing

Several designers decided to go with this particular trends this season. Not only is it dramatic, but great for those extra chilly days.

4. Minimalistic

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If you are looking for a clean and sleek look then this trend is just for you.  Although it isn’t busy as some of the other trends, the detailing is very meticulous.

5. Boots


Photo: Dyad Photography


What would this time of year be without a great pair of boots? From over the knee to peep toes boots will definitely be in demand.

Pick out your favorite trend to rock this fall season.

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