Six Popular Ring Trends


This week's blog post is all about six popular ring trends.We tend to buy rings for several occasions (Birthdays, Graduation, Mother’s Day, and etc.).  From understated to over the top, they are a variety of choices.  However, for this post I am focusing on the popular trends.   I have selected six popular ring trends with options for ladies and guys. 

Three Finger  
Image Credit: Fashion Allure
This trend has returned each season and isn’t going anywhere soon. Three finger rings have been worn by some of the biggest celebrities like Rihanna (see image above).   Guys are also rocking this trend as well.
Chain Knuckle
Image Credit: Where to Get It
Chain knuckle rings are great for those looking for a Bohemian or Bollywood-inspired look.  They are available in a variety of styles and chain lengths depending on what you are looking for.
Image Credit: Gemologica
Titanium is a popular trend for guys especially when it comes to wedding bands.  It can be worn as is or add their favorite gemstone of choice.
Oversized Flower
Image Credit: Polyvore
If you are attending a special event or music festival oversized flower rings can be your go to accessory. Depending on the size it can definitely be a conversation starter and grab a lot of attention if that’s your thing.
Image Credit: Pinterest
Birthstone rings are given as gifts for several occasions (Birthdays, Mother’s Day and etc.).  For as long I can remember this type of ring has always been very popular.
Sports Championship Ring
I cannot think of a better way to celebrate your favorite team’s victory than with this kind of ring.  The die-hard sports can’t wait to wear one bearing their favorite team’s logo.
Rings are a popular fashion accessory and they can come in many types.  Pair your favorite ring with a Karlene Lindsay Designs custom design. 


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